Meet Tom Mottl.
He founded Aperture To Pixels Photography, started Aperture Chat, and occasionally even writes an article or two there.



I have done the film thing, and moved on, and come back.  My first camera wasa Bell+Howell FD-1 35mm Canon licensed knock off.  I started shooting digital on a Sony Mavica (precise model number is difficult to recall) that my high school had for the photojournalism class.  It had a 3.5″ floppy for storage media and a <1 Megapixel sensor.  And it did not look anything like that FD-1 that I shot 35mm film on.  It wasn’t a SLR, that concept wasn’t ready yet for digital in the consumer market.  Think of it as a giant point and shoot… because that’s basically what it was.  But it was digital!  I’ve been living the digital life since then.  In college I shot on a point and shoot as well as my B+H, until I had saved up enought to buy a Canon Rebel XTi.  That’s when everything changed.  It was digital and a SLR.

It was a DSLR… and I’ve never gone back.

These days it’s still a Canon.  A 6D (and a T2i for a backup camera), and it does so much more than that first DSLR I had did.  Now I can do video as well, something that I would have never even dreamed of then.  But the new features and toys don’t change the fact that I love taking pictures.  Portraits particularly.  I love getting people to smile and capture that.  And I love helping people bring their ideas to light, more fantasy in your photo?  Let’s do it.  Don’t want to smile because you’re a goth?  No problem, let’s find a stairwell and some crazy light.  It’s always fun.

So I made Aperture Chat to share my love of photography and techno-geekism with the world.  Hopefully you enjoy consuming it as much as I enjoy creating it!


– Tom

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