Podcast Archive

We tried doing a podcast once.  Don’t expect any more of it, but if you want to see where this all started, here are the podcast archives.  Both audio and video.

Episode # / Title Video Audio Only
1 – [Insert Title Here] YouTube MP3
2 – We’re Back! YouTube MP3
3 – We Have a Template! YouTube MP3
4 – We Are Insane YouTube MP3
5 – Flying Solo YouTube MP3
6 – Action! YouTube MP3
7 – Expletive Not Deleted YouTube MP3
8 – Get Out There! YouTube MP3
9 – Amazon.com: Patent Trolls YouTube MP3
10 – We Love Drones YouTube MP3
11 – Upgrades!! YouTube MP3
12 – Time to save our pennies… YouTube MP3
13 – Triskaidekaphobia YouTube MP3

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